How do the rich think!!

21 ways of thinking that bring wealth … from the book “How the Rich Think”


The rich differ greatly in their way of thinking from the poor, and because creating wealth requires matching the thinking style of the rich, we have collected for you in this article some ideas inspired by the wonderful book “How the Rich Think” by its author, Steve Siebold.


The poor often bemoan their condition and bemoan their misfortune because they were born into a middle or poor environment, and at the same time they envy those rich whose good fortune, according to their opinion and delusion, made them born into a rich environment and live. A decent life without problems.


On the other hand, he blames the owners of money, led by the richest woman in the universe, “Gina Rinehart”, this envious group that lives aimlessly, dreams of making money through luck and spends hours of its day spending what is in its pocket on alcohol, cigarettes and visits without To allocate this wasted time to work in order to accumulate money and build wealth gradually.


The author, “Steve Siebold,” connects the acquisition of wealth with a way of thinking, as he denies that it has anything to do with money, through his long relationship with the rich in their different countries and religions.


Many of us have this question: Why are there rich and others poor?

Are these rich people born rich?


The answer, of course, is no, and we all know the stories of the self-made rich who started from scratch and became very rich, just as we undoubtedly heard about the rich who lost all their money and became destitute and extremely poor.


We all know “Walt Disney”, who became one of the most important animators in the world, but few people know that he founded a company called “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Arts” in 1920, but this company went bankrupt shortly after its establishment. The famous businessman “Donald Trump”, who lost more than $900 million in projects, was able to regain his wealth again in record time thanks to his intelligence and experience. From here we can conclude that these rich people are not lucky, but because they think the way rich people think in order to collect money and achieve success.

Here we bring together the difference between the way the average person and the rich person think with the help of Steve Siebold, author of How the Rich Think, who has spent three decades interviewing millionaires from around the world.


How do the rich think!!


This is a set of ways of thinking that we have chosen for you among the many ways of thinking that this author has developed in his book “How the Rich Think”: Were they successful, smart, or educated, they are afraid of owning wealth? And their thoughts are only focused on how to save a large amount of money that will benefit them after they retire from work.


The rich man is not afraid of implementation, he sets his sights on the goal and begins to work towards achieving it. On the other hand, the average person thinks a thousand times before executing, and in most cases changes his decision, always preferring support whether from the state, president, wife or relatives.

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The rich earned his wealth after hard work and planning for a better future, by raising the challenge and taking deliberate steps, while the average person spends his days accepting his situation and believing that his best days are from the past.


The rich believe that money facilitates life and does not create happiness, but the minds of ordinary people are dominated by negative thoughts about the rich, as they believe that they are people who suffer from great problems despite their possession of money, which made them afraid of wealth. .


The rich person takes care of himself first, as he sets his sights on the goal of personal happiness as a first step before providing assistance to others, and the average person rejects this selfish thinking, as he works to constantly provide assistance to others even under his bad conditions that make him poor.


The rich believe that acquiring the necessary knowledge is sufficient, and the average person believes that acquiring wealth is related to higher degrees: the rich believe that acquiring specific knowledge is sufficient to succeed in projects, while ordinary people believe that higher education is necessary to create wealth.


The rich person relies on the money of others to finance any project for him, but he studies the project well and works on it with dedication and seriousness for its success, because he values money and does not allow it and his projects to be lost. fail.


The rich man believes that the more he experiences success or failure, the greater his experience and the higher his prestige, and that a person is able to build wealth by not holding back in progress, no matter what obstacles he encounters. The average person judges his work only by preliminary results.


Fear of failure is a major obstacle on the way to achieving dreams, and wealth can only be achieved through adventure and the challenge of engaging in large projects.


Finally, the question remains: What style of thinking will you adopt? And do you really have to experience the way rich people think?


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